Your Gifts Are Needed to Help More East Kentucky Families! image

Your Gifts Are Needed to Help More East Kentucky Families!

Every gift helps a family in need have a home they can afford. NOTE: If you'd like to help with flood recovery efforts, simply click "Flood Relief & Recovery" under Apply My Donation To.

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Witness your donation directly benefitting the people of Appalachian Kentucky.

No one should have to go without a good home simply because they can't afford it.

When you give to the Housing Development Alliance, you're helping provide affordable homes for people in one of the poorest regions in America - the mountains of East Kentucky. An affordable home is not just a beginning; it's a future, too. You're helping provide the dignity, stability, and hope our people need to make a life here. We hope you realize how much that matters.

Your gifts fund the construction of new homes our families can afford, repairs that make the homes they live in better places to live, rentals that are high quality and affordable in this economy, and so much more! When you give to the Housing Development Alliance, you don't have to wait months and years to see your gift make a difference - it makes a difference from the moment you give it. Your gift is immediately put to use, because we have hundreds of people waiting for help.

Affordable housing matters. Communities matter. Appalachian people matter.

These are your friends and neighbors, or they're folks you've never met but care about simply because they're human. Give today - make a one-time gift or make a donation weekly, monthly, or annually - and have confidence in the fact that the good you do in this one moment will change lives for years to come!

Also, please remember that you can give a gift in honor of someone! We will send your loved one a custom-made card by postal mail to let them know a gift has been given in their name. The amount of the gift is not revealed, but a $25 minimum gift is requested. You can also give a gift in memory of a loved one. All tribute gifts (in honor and in memory) are listed in our Annual Report.

Please help us by giving an online donation today. You can also donate by mail by sending a check or money order to Housing Development Alliance, Inc., P.O. Box 7284, Hazard, KY 41702.

Questions? Need assistance? Call us at 606-436-0497 or email