Help Provide More Affordable Housing to People in East KY! image

Help Provide More Affordable Housing to People in East KY!

Building is believing in our communities, our mountain families, and our future.

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Give the gift of home to low-income families in Eastern Kentucky!

The story of every life begins at home.

Where we live - the place we live in - determines so much about ourselves and the path our life will take. That's why, like you, we believe that every person and family has the right to have a forever home - one that is decent, lasting, and affordable. A safe, quality, affordable home not only transforms the life of an individual, but also has the ability to transform whole families, entire communities, and the total economic landscape of the region we serve. The door to an HDA home isn’t just an entrance to a better living space; it’s a passageway to more opportunities, an improved quality of life, more financial security, and a clearer path to employment and a brighter future.

Someone once encouraged others to think of affordable housing as a bowl. While you can make a cake without a bowl, it’s harder, messier, and takes a lot of extra work. In the same vein, while a person can build a better life for themselves without affordable housing, it’s a whole lot easier if that person has the strong foundation and security a safe, quality, affordable home provides.

Your gift changes lives. Your gift makes dreams come true for people who have longed for a better place to call home. And in doing so, it impacts generations. It shapes places and histories and the future of an entire region. What an extraordinary opportunity! When you give to us, you are part of every house we build and every life we touch. You will see what your gift accomplishes. You can see the homes you've built dotting the landscape of the communities we serve, and you'll see how those homes make the lives of our people so much better!

Give the gift of home today and watch it move in the mountains!