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Please help flood survivors in East Kentucky by donating to our Housing Can't Wait Fund.

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News cameras may have moved on to the next disaster, but the people of Eastern Kentucky still need your help.

Friends, Eastern Kentucky suffered America's deadliest non-tropical flash flood in 45 years on July 28, 2022. While the initial response to the historic flood was quick and made a huge impact, our community is still in great need of something no one should have to do without: housing.

The numbers are overwhelming:

  • Over 10,000 homes damaged.
  • 2,132 homes have either been completely destroyed or majorly damaged.
  • 5,000 homes are uninhabitable without repairs, and
  • Thousands remain homeless and in need of shelter.

This ongoing disaster has affected well over 27,000 people, with over 6,000 of this number being children.

More than half of those needing help have an annual income of less than $30,000, and 25% live on less than $15,000 a year. That means this disaster struck those with the fewest resources and who will struggle to replace the home they had.

Now, months after the flood, people are still trying to get back on their feet after losing everything. Whole families are living in tents or sheds or travel trailers. In Lower Lost Creek, there are currently three generations of one family living in a small single-wide trailer! Some folks are still living in homes that are heavily damaged or have been gutted, because they have nowhere else to go. Others are living with family members, staying in hotels, or sleeping in cars.

Keep in mind that the nights and mornings are getting cooler. The first freeze came a bit early this year, and the mountain winter will be here soon enough.

In the photo above: Folks in Lower Lost Creek (Perry County), KY survive in tents and a travel trailer since their homes were washed away. You can see where one of the homes stood on the creek bank - all that's left behind is the cinderblock.

Keep in mind that there are real people behind all the numbers. Real people who worked hard for what they had, with most of them owning the homes they lost or nearly lost. There's Bobby, who takes care of his disabled brother and nephew. When the flood came, over 4 feet of water rushed through their home, and if they hadn't made it into the loft, they surely would have drowned. There's Betty, who rode out the flood with her little granddaughter, and thought they might not survive the night; while they thankfully did survive, Betty is currently living in a small travel trailer and hopes her home can be repaired so she can return to it before the holidays. And there's Arvin whose entire home was leveled, leaving him, his wife, and 2 children homeless.

That's why we need you! Thousands of people can't be left without a home, in homes that are uninhabitable without repairs, or in homes that were only ever meant to be temporary and simply aren't an adequate shelter. With over 40% of those in need being children and seniors and with colder weather settling in, housing can't wait!

We must help them now. Will you please help us? We can't wait until January, when the Kentucky General Assembly finally meets again to discuss the issue. We can't wait until more folks give up and leave the mountains or remain homeless. We can't wait until another weather disaster occurs. We can't wait.

The Housing Development Alliance receives no direct funding for flood relief. We can only help flood survivors because of the generosity of our donors and the support of our entire community. If you've got it to give, please make a donation today! The future of Eastern Kentucky depends on it.

100% of donations go to our flood-impacted community, with no admin fee taken. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.