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Please help the people of East Kentucky!

Your donation will help provide long-term recovery for the survivors of the recent devastating flash floods.

$127,482 raised

$150,000 goal

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Help our people recover from devastating flash floods!

This was the flood we feared.

East Kentucky has had many floods in the past, but this one was different. This one came quickly and fiercely in the night and left whole communities completely devastated. Many have lost everything - their homes, farms, churches, animals & beloved pets, cherished mementoes and heirlooms, homeplaces, vehicles, and livelihoods. Too many have lost their lives. Some folks are still missing. Whole neighborhoods are gone - maybe forever. And the land itself, which Appalachian people are so tied to, has been unalterably changed.

Our people are hurting. The people we serve are some of the hardest hit by this flood. But after the pouring rains has come an amazing gift: a pouring out of love and genuine care for each other! Help has come from everywhere - from all over the country. Appalachian East Kentucky was a poor place before the flood, and even though we face an unimaginable tragedy, we now see that the riches of the heart have come home to the mountains.

If you want to get involved in helping the people of East Kentucky, you can help them recover through the Housing Development Alliance! Please help us as we work to:

  • help hundreds of folks cleanup their homes through muck outs and debris removal,
  • help save homes that are still habitable, and
  • help lead long-term recovery efforts as our community works to come back stronger from the worst event any of us can ever remember happening here.

Thank you for your incredibly generous heart. With you, we will continue to be Eastern Kentucky Strong!

NOTE: If you want to submit a donation by postal mail, please send a check or money order to
Housing Development Alliance, Inc., P.O. Box 7284, Hazard, KY 41702. Note in the memo that the donation is for flood relief.