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Support the HDA Repair-A-Thon!

Donate to Help Very Low-Income Homeowners in Need

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Give Where You Live!

In our community in East Kentucky, we're all neighbors. If there's one thing we know, there is strength in neighbors! That's why we've decided to host a Repair-A-Thon from July 18 through September 30.

We have identified 5 very low-income homeowners who are all in need of home repairs that are either small projects or repairs that do not fit the requirements for funding by HDA's year-round Home Repair Program.

The HDA Repair-A-Thon runs on the generosity of individuals and businesses that understand the value of building up our community. Your donation buys the paint and other basic supplies needed to make this event happen. All repairs are made by local volunteer groups guided by HDA's on-staff carpenters.

Taking place over several weeks and at 5 separate worksites in the counties we serve (Breathitt, Knott, Leslie, and Perry), volunteers will paint exteriors, stain porches and wheelchair ramps, and build ramps for these homeowners, who are all elderly and/or disabled. Due to their age and physical and financial limitations, the 5 homeowners selected are often home more than most but are unable to do the work that needs to be done around their house.

Please help these homeowners, who are your neighbors and a significant part of your home community, who, without your help, may have to watch their homes deteriorate, remain unsafe or inaccessible, or put themselves at financial risk to get the home repaired.

Our Repair-A-Thon offers income-eligible homeowners the chance to save big on a major need and devote their limited income & savings to other costs, while still maintaining their most important investment - their home!